Gourmet collection

Inspire your inner Chef by experiencing exquisite Gourmet dressings.

Unique Ingredients

Blend of distinctive spices, flavorsome herbs and nutritious oils

NEW Taste sensation

Bright and outlandish gastronomic combinations bring new sensations


–°areful handwork on each bottle

Ease of use

A few drops are enough to reveal the best aspects of favorite dishes

Biateca Gourmet represents a limited line of uniquely - designed blends of healthy oils and spices, and distinctive ingredients that will allow you to prepare extraordinary dishes.

We have selected natural and delicious exotic ingredients and combined them harmoniously in each blend of Biateca Gourmet.

Mulberry balcamic vinegar fruit flavor, exquisite monk's pepper, spices, herbs, lemon and essential oils combined in savory mixes under the guidance of an expert in the field of haute cuisine and PhD on Food Technology.

Oils and dressings Biateca Gourmet allow revealing the best flavoring aspects of your favorite side dishes, sauces, salads, meat, poultry or fish dishes.

We invite you to discover how homemade dishes naturally transform into works of art as in the gourmet cuisine of the best restaurants.

Create original recipes, surprise your friends and family with the secret ingredient of your kitchen - Biateca Gourmet oils.