Extra virgin
Cold pressed

BBQ Marinade

250 ml
Please shake well before use!


Piquant BBQ Marinade based on pumpkin seed oil and composition of spices reveals the entire flavor bouquet of meat or fish dishes.

It is difficult to imagine a family barbecue without mouthwatering beef ribs, pork steaks or chicken wings.

Marinade based on pumpkin seed oil gives grilled meat a pungent taste and a beautiful shade.

Fragrant peppers combined with sweet bay leaf flavor, woody coriander scent and natural garlic powder give the dish a memorable long aftertaste.


BBQ marinade by Biateca will soften and soak the meat, ribs, poultry or salmon steak and will fill with delicate aroma of spices and mild spiciness.

We also recommend an alternative use of BBQ Marinade as a glaze, which should be applied in the last minutes of cooking or before serving.

BBQ Marinade will be also a great marinade for salmon.

We recommend lovers of mild sourness to mix BBQ Marinade with some wine vinegar.

Delicate pumpkin seed oil makes this composition also suitable as a dressing for vegetable sauté, salads, as well as potato dishes and other side dishes.

Pumpkin seed oil has a smoke point of 160°C, we recommend respecting temperatures and not using cold-pressed oil for frying, as heat minimizes its useful properties.