Our Story

Biateca grew out of a small company started in 2008 located in a small village, in Gagauzia, a beautiful and unique region in the South part of Moldova. Big dreams remained at the heart of company business, initiated by Valentina Uzun, who developed one of leading businesses in Moldova out of her desire to create high-quality cold pressed oils, also known as virgin, to improve people’s health.

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Gradually, Biateca developed ethically sourcing grape seeds from neighbouring vineyards and is extended beyond the Gagauzia vine region to other plants too.

Company is currently run by Valentina’s family and is inspired by the healthy lifestyle and joyful stay together weekends.

Staying true to our values we produce delicious benefits that go beyond the quality our customers usually expect and get from oils. We create distinguished quality virgin oils and gourmet dressings to make them available for a wider number of tables, improving people’s lives.

Cold-pressed oil is the oil extracted in its natural form. Oilseeds are just pressed to yield out the oil before we deliver the product.

We set all our activities clearly oriented to quality, this allows achievement of our central goals.

Organic Standard certification and ISO 22000 help us to raise progressively. Thus we set zero-waste production and reuse our materials/by products for the making gluten-free flour and powders.

We ensure less harm to the planet also by creating the environmentally friendly business operations as we care about customers we serve and people who work for us.

Our cold-pressed oils now are made from oilseeds like grape seeds, walnut, milk thistle, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, without applying heat, chemical additives, artificial flavours, colorants or preservatives. Two filtration levels gently purify the oil from micro-parts.

Our production method allows us to preserve wellness properties, rich taste and natural structure of the oil.

To offer the freshest products possible we produce only by order and if we are out of stock for some products, it’s because we are won’t accept the second best.

Cold pressing

We keep oil’s natural properties such as purity, flavor, fragrance and nutritional value keeping precious antioxidants, vitamins and minerals


Free of additives, artificial flavours, colorants and preservatives

Production by order

We offer the freshest products possible


to choose our products

Artisan technology

We preserve the traditions and best practices of artisan oil production

Distinct flavours

Distinct and authentic flavours of seeds and nuts in oils combined with unique ingredients

Non-waste production

Introduction and improvement of closed-cycle production process

European Sales and Marketing Association | ESMA

Biateca is a member of ESMA – the world’s leading association of European manufacturers and distributors, representing its interests, and working together to create a product value in the global market.