Our Story

With faith and ambition, we can add something good to our lives. At Biateca, we exclusively use the finest raw materials that the Moldovan agricultural lands can provide us.

Our sustainable approach not only benefits people’s health and our planet but also enhances the flavor of our products.

As a family company, we consider everyone around the globe as friends. Hence, we blend these locally sourced raw materials with a zero-waste production process and nurture long-term partnerships.

This is how we create a difference, together.

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Staying true to our values we create distinguished quality cold-pressed oils and gourmet dressings to make them available for a wider number of tables, improving people’s lives.

Cold-pressed oils are extracted in their natural form, retaining essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and natural vitamins and providing exceptional health benefits.

All our activities are meticulously focused on quality, enabling us to achieve our central goals.

Sustainability is one of our core values, leading us to establish waste-free production methods and repurpose our by-products into valuable protein and fiber flours.

Situated in the pristine agricultural region of South Moldova, near the Black Sea, our location benefits from a warm climate with 300 days of sunshine annually. This mild climate enhances the taste of our products.

Our production method is designed to preserve the wellness properties, rich taste, and natural structure of the oil. To ensure the freshest products possible, we produce only upon order. If some products are temporarily out of stock, it’s because we refuse to compromise on quality.

The future of the Biateca factory.
Even more sustainable and efficient...

European Sales and Marketing Association | ESMA

Biateca is a member of ESMA – the world’s leading association of European manufacturers and distributors, representing its interests, and working together to create a product value in the global market.