Our Story

Biateca developed by a family company, that produces limited quantity, premium quality artisan oils and gourmet dressings.

Since 2008 we work to improve the quality of human life, by proving truly tasty, natural products and inspiring people to follow the principles of healthy living. 

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The production is located on the ecologically clean region on South of the Republic of Moldova, in Gagauzia Autonomous Region. The gentle southern sun have provided a fresh aroma and rich flavour to our products.

We attribute a great importance to buying raw materials from Moldavian suppliers to promote the development of local economy.

Our production factory passed quality control and is certified by Organic Standard, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards .

Biateca oils are produced  by cold-pressing method, without the use  of high temperatures, chemical additives, artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives. Two filtration levels gently purify the oil even from micro-parts.

Our production method allows to preserve wellness properties rich taste and natural structure of the oil. 

We are committed to Artisan Oil principles and value quality, not quantity. To have the freshest products possible we produce only by order.

Caring for nature is also one of our values, which is why we work to set  zero-waste production standards by reusing our raw materials for the production of gluten-free flour and powders , as well as offering them to other industries, such as cosmetic production or animal feed production, where all the by-products could be reused for beneficial purposes.

Cold pressing

Allows to preserve the natural taste and healthy properties of the oils


Free of additives, artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives

Production by order

Allows to offer the freshest products possible


to choose our products

Artisan technology

Saving the traditions and best principles of artisan oil production

Distinct flavours

Distinct and authentic flavors of seeds and nuts in oils combined with unique ingredients

Non-waste production

Introduction and improvement of closed-cycle production process

European Sales and Marketing Association | ESMA

Biateca is a member of ESMA – the world’s leading association of European manufacturers and distributors, representing its interests, and working together to create a product value in the global market.