Extra virgin
Cold pressed

Pepper Paradise

250 ml
Please shake well before use!


Pepper Paradise is a light and flavorsome composition, based on grape seed oil and aromatic peppers. Doesn’t matter if you are vegan or meat lover, It will make nutritious and distinguished any dish.

Aromatic Monk’s pepper is the main feature of this blend. People for a long time appreciated its healing properties, and fragrant flavor.

The Pepper Paradise mix combines this exotic ingredient with the sharpness of chili pepper, the woody aroma of coriander seeds, as well as the sweetness of pink and the savory spiciness of black peppers.

Grape seed oil in the basis of this mix attracts not only with its intense texture, but also through its composition of essential fatty acids and vitamins.


This dressing will give a savory flavor and aroma to any meat, poultry or vergetable dishes.

The combination of Pepper Paradise with natural Greek yoghurt allows creating an appetizing and healthy sauce for baked fish, steamed meat dishes, pizza or sandwiches.

Simple side dishes will gain aesthetics and nutritiousness thanks to Pepper Paradise.

Pepper Paradise will be a great addition to a spicy steak and grilled vegetables.

An extraordinary glaze for beef and lamb chops.

We do not recommend using cold-pressed oil for preparations and frying, because heat minimizes its useful properties.