Cold pressed

Chili Pumpkin

250 ml
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Please shake well before use!


Piquant Chili Pumpkin, crafted from cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil and an alluring medley of spices, is the perfect enhancement for your culinary creations.

The aromatic combination of fragrant peppers, sweet bay leaf, earthy coriander, and natural garlic powder imbues your dishes with a memorable, lingering aftertaste.

It’s challenging to envision a family barbecue without the tantalizing flavors of beef ribs, pork steaks, or chicken wings. Our dressing serves as an exceptional topping for any meat or poultry dish.

Furthermore, Chili Pumpkin effortlessly elevates pasta, grains, grilled vegetables, and bread, offering a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Diet friendly:


Chili Pumpkin can be employed as a versatile glaze, adding a unique spicy dimension to your dishes. For optimal results, we suggest applying it during the final minutes of cooking or just before serving, allowing its flavors to meld seamlessly.

Discover the wonders of Chili Pumpkin as a marinade for homemade salmon. Allow the salmon to soak up its unique combination of flavors, creating a succulent and vibrant meal.

For those who prefer a milder tanginess, try blending Chili Pumpkin with a touch of wine vinegar. This creates a harmonious balance that can elevate your dishes to new heights.

Drizzle it over sautéed vegetables, toss it with salads, or use it to add a delightful dimension to potato dishes and various other sides.

Pumpkin seed oil has a smoke point of 160°C, we recommend respecting temperatures and not using cold-pressed oil for frying, as heat minimizes its useful properties.